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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 65 Number 4 (October 1974)


Nootka Sound in 1789: Joseph Ingraham's Account. Edited by Mark D. Kaplanoff

Flood Tide of Empire: Two Reviews. Keith A. Murray and Donald C. Cutter

Wobblies on the Farm: The IWW in the Yakima Valley. Cletus E. Daniel

The Foreign Policy of the Socialist Party of America Before World War I. Walfred H. Peterson

The Making of a Princeton President, 1896-1902: An Essay Review. David A. Shannon


Caruthers, American Pacific Ocean Trade, by John Haskell Kemble

Musto, The American Disease: Origins of Narcotic Control, by John W. Ormsby

Hynding, Public Life of Eugene Semple, by Keith A. Murray

Dodds, Hiram Martin Chittenden, by Ben Procter

Prisco, John Barrett, Progressive Era Diplomat, by Paul S. Holbo

Gast, Dan Francisco de Paula Marin; Conrad, ed., Letters and Journal of Francisco de Paula Marin; Adler and Barrett, eds., Diaries of Walter Murray Gibson, 1886, 1887, by Donald D. Johnson

Williams, ed., London Correspondence Inward from Sir George Simpson, 1841-42, by James W. Scott

Smith, History of Wisconsin, Vol. 1, From Exploration to Statehood, by Kent Richards

Schroeder, Mr. Polk's War, by Dean C. Brink

Prucha, ed., Americanizing the American Indians, by Robert L. Whitner

Affleck, Sternwheelers, Sandbars, and Switchbacks, by Bruce Mitchell

Paul, This Was Cattle Ranching, by Alexander C. McGregor

Kirk, Desert: The American Southwest, by Harwood P. Hinton

Netboy, The Salmon: Their Fight for Survival, by E. H. Eby

Richardson, Dams, Parks, and Politics, by Robert C. Sims

May, "Lessons" of the Past, by Wilton B. Fowler

Williams, The Democratic Party and California Politics, 1880-1896, by John L. Shover

Crucial American Elections, by Hugh A. Bone

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Nancy Pryor

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