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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 65 Number 3 (July 1974)


Populism in the Palouse: Old Ideas and New Realities. Thomas W. Riddle

Peculiar Populist: An Assessment of John R. Rogers. Karel D. Bicha

The Economic Impact of the Mullan Road on Walla Walla, 1860-1883. Alexander C. McGregor

Progressive Reform and the Political System. Howard W. Allen and Jerome Clubb

Toward an Even Newer History: An Essay Review. Lewis O. Saum


McNickle, Native American Tribalism, by Merle W. Wells

Swan, The Northwest Coast, or Three Years' Residence in Washington Territory; Katz, ed., Almost out of the World, by James G. Swan; McDonald, Swan Among the Indians, by George A. Frykman

Hine, The American West, by Ben Procter

Phillips, Alaska-Yukon Place Names, by Claus-M. Naske

Nelson, Hunters of the Northern Forest, by Erna Gunther

Farmer, et al., Historical Atlas of Early Oregon, by Edward P. Thatcher

Corning, Willamette Lands, by G. Thomas Edwards

Lass, From the Missouri to the Great Salt Lake, by Robert G. Athearn

Toole, Twentieth-Century Montana, by Richard Roeder

Blassingame, Black New Orleans, 1860-1880, by Rudolph M. Lapp

Scott and Shoalmire, Public Career of Cully A. Cobb, by Richard S. Kirkendall

Taylor, Sweatshops in the Sun, by Cletus E. Daniel

Stapleton, comp., The Truman and Eisenhower Years, 1945-1960: A Selective Bibliography, by Maclyn P. Burg

Wilson, People in the Way, by James E. Hendrickson

Ross, Oil Pollution as an International Problem, by Keith A. Murray

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Nancy Pryor

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