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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 65 Number 1 (January 1974)


Pleasing Diversity and Sublime Desolation: The 18th-Century British Perception of the Northwest Coast. Douglas Cole and Maria Tippett

Japanese Exclusion from American Fisheries, 1936-1939: The Department of State and the Public Interest. Jonathan G. Utley

The Treatment of the Mentally Ill in Alaska, 1884-1912: A Territorial Study. Thomas G. Smith

The Politics of Power: The Oregon Test for Partnership. Franklyn D. Mahar

International Policy for Ocean Resource Management: An Essay Review. Keith A. Murray


Leach, Arms for Empire: A Military History of the British Colonies in North America, 1607-1763, by Richard R. Johnson

Hampden, ed., Francis Drake, Privateer: Contemporary Narratives and Documents, by John Haskell Kemble

Harrod, Mission Among the Blackfeet, by Robert L. Whitner

Eber, ed., Pitseolak: Pictures out of My Life, by Erna Gunther

Melendy, The Oriental Americans, by Howard H. Sugimoto

Fox, James W. Connella, Pioneer Editor, by Norman Clark

Broome, Faces of the Wilderness, by Elmo Richardson

Pinchot, Breaking New Ground, by Gordon B. Dodds

Gardner, LaFeber, and McCormick, Creation of the American Empire: U.S. Diplomatic History, by Philip W. Kennedy

Meier and Rudwick, CORE: A Study of the Civil Rights Movement, 1942-1968, by William Toll

Markowitz, Rise and Fall of the People's Century: Henry A. Wallace and American Liberalism, 1941-1948, by Allen Yarnell

Gaddis, United States and the Origins of the Cold War, 1941-1947; Rose, After Yalta: America and the Origins of the Cold War, by David R. Millar

Wenk, Jr., Politics of the Ocean, by Keith A. Murray

Murphy, Meaning of Freedom of Speech: First Amendment Freedoms from Wilson to FDR, by Arval A. Morris

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Hazel Emery Mills

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