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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 64 Number 3 (July 1973)


Gold Prospecting on Cook Inlet in 1896: The Diary of a Failure. Edited by Ward L. Miner and Thelma S. Miner

Slavery and the Oregon Territorial Issue: Prelude to the Compromise of 1850. R. Alton Lee

The Siletz Indian Shaker Church. Lee Sackett


Billington, Genesis of the Frontier Thesis, by Hamilton Cravens

Starr, American and the California Dream, 1830-1915, by Carey McWilliams

Cantwell, The Hidden Northwest, by Norman Clark

Bolus, ed., People and Pelts: Selected Papers of the Second North American Fur Trade Conference, by Barry M. Gough

Birket-Smith, Eskimos, by Erna Gunther

Crownhart-Vaughan, trans., Explorations of Kamchatka, North Pacific Scimitar, by Krasheninnikov, by William R. Hunt

Barry, Beginning the West: Annuals of the Kansas Gateway to the American West, 1540-1854, by W. N. Davis, Jr.

Hine and Lottinville, eds., Soldier in the West: Letters of Theodore Talbot During His Services in California, Mexico, and Oregon, 1845-53, by Thomas D. Clark

Kirk, Exploring Yellowstone, by Merrill G. Burlingame

Willard, The Charles M. Russell Book, by Ben Procter

Simon, ed., The Papers of Ulysses S. Grant, Vol. 4, by Robert W. Johannsen

Parton, ed., Autobiography of Mother Jones, by William George Whittaker

Wreszin, The Superfluous Anarchist: Albert Jay Nock, by Lewis O. Saum

Ashby, The Spearless Leader: Senator Borah and the Progressive Movement in the 1920's, by Richard Lowitt

Rogers, comp., List of References for the History of Agriculture in the Mountain States, by Merle W. Wells

Marple and Olson, The national Bank of Commerce of Seattle, 1889-1969, by George G. Kaufman

Gray, Hawaii: The Sugar-Coated Fortress, by James B. Lane

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Hazel Emery Mills

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