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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 64 Number 2 (April 1973)


Western Range Senators and the Payne-Aldrich Tariff. Lewis L. Gould

William I. Marshall and the Legend of Marcus Whitman. Michael B. Husband

Harvey Scott's "Cure for Drones": An Oregon Alternative to Public Higher Schools. Lee Nash

Social and Economic Change in Roseburg, Oregon, 1850-1885: A Quantitative View. William G. Robbins


Jones, Age of Energy: Varieties of American Experience, 1865-1915, by Lewis O. Saum

McKee, Cascadia: The Geological Evolution of the Pacific Northwest, by Ewart M. Baldwin

Beilharz, Felipe de Neve, First Governor of California, by John Caughey

Dodge, Beyond the Capes: Pacific Exploration from Captain Cook to the Challenger, 1775-1877, Donald D. Johnson

Joerger, ed., To the Sandwich Islands on H.M.S. Blonde, By Robert Emmett Dampier, by Norris W. Potter

Jeffcott, ed., Skqee Mus, or Pioneer Days on the Nooksack, by Robert Emmett Hawley, Herman K. Deutsch

Emmons, Garden in the Grasslands: Boomer Literature of the Central Great Plains, by Lewis O. Saum

Johnson, John Jessop: Goldseeker and Educator, Founder of the British Columbia School System, by H. Keith Ralston

Clements, ed., Fred T. Dubois's "The Making of a State," by Merle W. Wells

Heckman, Island Year, by T. Leslie Elliott

Polenberg, War and Society: The United States, 1941-1945, by Robert Ficken

Hampton, How the U.S. Cavalry Saved Our National Parks, by Theodore W. Cart

Morgan, Dams and Other Disasters: A Century of the Army Corps of Engineers in Civil Work, by Harvey Manning

Vagners, Oil in Puget Sound: An Interdisciplinary Study in Systems Engineering, by Keith A. Murray

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Hazel Emery Mills

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