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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 62 Number 4 (October 1971)


George W. Goethals, Explorer of the Pacific Northwest, 1882-84. Walter R. Griffin

Steffens, Lippmann, and Reed: The Muckraker and His Protégés. Herbert Shapiro

A 1715 Picture of a Fur Seal. Charles Greer and Victor B. Scheffer


Pinkett, Gifford Pinchot, Private and Public Forester, by James Penick, Jr.

Terkel, Hard Times: An Oral History of the Great Depression, by Amelia R. Fry and Willa K. Baum

Clark, The Eastern Frontier: The Settlement of Northern New England, 1610-1763, by Robert Scholz

Morgan, ed., In Pursuit of the Golden Dream: Reminiscences of San Francisco and the Northern and Southern Mines, 1849-1857, by Howard C. Gardiner, by Benjamin F. Gilbert

Kleppner, The Cross of Culture: A Social Analysis of Midwestern Politics, 1850-1900, by James A. Rawley

Baetzhold, Mark Twain and John Bull: The British Connection, by E. H. Eby

Ostrander, American Civilization in the First Machine Age, 1890-1940, by Frank A. Warren

Debo, History of Indians of the United States, by Vine Deloria, Jr.

Bush and Fraser, American Indian Periodicals in the Princeton University Library: A Preliminary List, by Melville Jacobs

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Hazel Emery Mills

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