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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 62 Number 1 (January 1971)


The Hutchinson, Kohl Story: A Fresh Look. Frank H. Sloss and Richard A. Pierce

Joseph B. Poindexter and Hawaii During the New Deal. James B. Lane

The Fall of Farmer-Labor Parties, 1936-1938. Hugh T. Lovin

The Reluctant Dissenter: Governor Hay of Washington and the Conservation Problem. H. J. Bergman


Thompson, Shallow Grave at Waiilatpu, by Francis D. Haines, Jr.

Nixon, ed., Franklin D. Roosevelt and Foreign Affairs, by Fred L. Israel

Mayer and Wade, Chicago: Growth of the Metropolis, by Lyle Dorsett

Malone, C. Ben Ross and the New Deal in Idaho, by John Braeman

Vogel, American Indian Medicine, by Eileen Kennedy Liang

Nammack, Fraud, Politics, and the Dispossession of the Indians, by William T. Hagen

Gassner, trans., Voyages of Adventures of La Pérouse, by Donald C. Cutter

Spry, ed., Papers of the Palliser Expedition, by Herman J. Deutsch

Mjelde, Glory of the Seas, by John Barr Tompkins

Gibson, Feeding the Russian Fur Trade; St. George, Siberia, the New Frontier, by Charles E. Timberlake

Zwelling, Expansion and Imperialism, by Richard W. Van Alstyne

Miller, The Supreme Court and the Uses of History, by Arval A. Morris

Dresden, The Marquis de Mores, by Lewis O. Saum

Wardin, Jr., Baptists in Oregon, by Kent Richards

Glass, Silver and Politics in Nevada, 1892-1902, by John A. Brennan

Hair, Bourbonism and Agrarian Protest: Louisiana Politics, 1877-1900, by Ben Procter

Potter, The Punahou Story, by Donald D. Johnson

Clendenen, Blood on the Border, by G. L. Seligmann, Jr.

Kennedy, Birth Control in America: The Career of Margaret Sanger, by T. A. Larson

Taylor, American Diplomacy and the Narcotics Traffic, 1900-1939, by Eugene P. Trani

Maddox, William E. Borah and American Foreign Policy, by John Milton Cooper, Jr.

Conlin, Bread and Roses Too: Studies of the Wobblies, by Robert L. Tyler

Hartman, Collective Bargaining and Productivity: The Longshore Mechanization Agreement, by Hyman Weintraub

Josephson, Al Smith, Hero of the Cities, by John L. Shover

Brennan, Silver and the First New Deal, by Merle W. Wells

Rowley, M. L. Wilson and the Campaign for the Domestic Allotment, Robert G. Dunbar

Wittner, Rebels Against War: The American Peace Movement, 1941-1960, Barton J. Bernstein

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Hazel Emery Mills

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