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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 61 Number 4 (October 1970)


Writers on Relief: The Making of the Washington Guide, 1935-1941. Ronald W. Taber

Caleb Lyon's Indian Policy. Merle W. Wells

The Bauhaus' Long Shadow: Some Thoughts About Weimar and Us. Joachim Remak

James Swan Among the Indians: The Influence of a Pioneer from New England on Coastal Indian Art. George I. Quimby

Russian American Contacts, 1917-1937: A Review Article. Charles E. Timberlake


Ross, Preparing for Ulysses, by Jim Heath

Montgomery Ward & Co., Catalogue and Buyers' Guide, No. 57, Spring and Summer, 1895, Lewis O. Saum

Eide, American Odyssey, by Robert L. Whitner

Ellis, ed., Frontier in American Development, by Wayne D. Rasmussen

Danhof, Change in Agriculture: The Northern United States, 1820-1870, by Reynold M. Wik

Ludditt, Barkerville Days, by Bruce Mitchell

Bandi, Eskimo Prehistory, by Catharine McClellan

Vaudrin, Tananian Tales from Alaska, by Allan F. Burns

Hoagland, Notes from the Century Before, by R. H. Roy

Mattes, The Great Platte River Road, by Frederick C. Luebke

Hunt, Hannibal Hamlin of Maine, by Herman Belz

Hirshson, The Lion of the Lord, by Davis Bitton

Howard, trans. and ed., The Warrior Who Killed Custer, by Merrill G. Burlingame

Holt, Foraging a Majority, by James A. Rawley

Miller, The Unwelcome Immigrant, by Roger Daniels

Conlin, Big Bill Haywood and the Radical Union Movement, by Richard H. Frost

Dubofsky, We Shall Be All, by Siegfried B. Rolland

McNelis, Copper King at War, by Gene M. Gressley

Smith, Joe Hill, by Joseph Robert Conlin

Lee, ed., Washington State: A Literary Chronicle, by Richard W. Etulain

Adams, Richard Henry Dana: A Biography, by E. H. Eby

Branch, ed., Clemens of the "Call," by Franklin Walker

Pickett, Ed Howe, Country Town Philosopher, by Paul Fatout

Parrini, Heir to Empire, by Paul S. Holbo

Fine, Sit Down: The General Motors Strike of 1936-1937, by George Wolfskill

Eby, Between the Bullet and the Lie, by Joan Connelly Ullman

Rosenstone, Crusade of the Left, by Hugh T. Lovin

Caridi, The Korean War and American Politics, by Barton J. Bernstein

Cochran, Adlai Stevenson, by Allen Yarnell

Heath, John F. Kennedy and the Business Community, by Robert Peterson

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Hazel Emery Mills

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