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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 61 Number 1 (January 1970)


Some Neglected Aspects of the History of the Pacific Northwest. J. Orin Oliphant

The New Settlers of the Yakima Project, 1880-1910. C. Brewster Coulter

"Posers, Parasites, and Pismires": Status Rerum, by James Stevens and H. L. Davis. Warren L. Clare

Hubert Work and the Department of the Interior, 1923-28. Eugene P. Trani

Fighting the Drive Toward War: Glen H. Taylor, the 1948 Progressives, and the Draft. F. Ross Peterson

Two Essay Reviews

The Shadow of Blooming Grove. David H. Stratton
Mining and Public Policy in Alaska. Morgan Sherwood


Magnuson, Coeur d'Alene Diary, by Siegfried B. Rolland

Steinbrueck, Market Sketchbook, by Elizabeth Sutton Gustison

Kraditor, ed., Up from the Pedestal, by Barbara Miller Solomon

Israel, ed., 1897 Sears Roebuck Catalogue, by Clark C. Spence

Browne, ed., J. Ross Browne, by James D. Hart

Helm, ed., Spanish-speaking People in the United States, by N. Ray Gilmore

Lapp, Archy Lee: A California Fugitive Slave Case, by William H. Leckie

O'Connor, Horse and Buggy West, by John D. Hicks

Dillon, Wells Fargo Detective: The Biography of James B. Hume, by Richard N. Ellis

Lowther, A Bibliography of British Columbia, by Robin W. Winks

White, Scientists in Conflict: The Beginnings of the Oil Industry in California, by Gerald D. Nash

Curry, Blueprint for Modern America, by Glenn Linden

Potter, The South and the Sectional Conflict, by Maclyn Burg

Sproat, "The Best Men": Liberal Reformers in the Gilded Age, by Horace Samuel Merrill

Trani, The Treaty of Portsmouth, by John A. White

Bailey, Edgar Gardner Murphy, by George B. Tindall

Semonche, Ray Stannard Baker, by Louis Filler

Kerr, American Railroad Politics, 1914-1920, by Seward W. Livermore

Wolfskill and Hudson, All but the People: Franklin D. Roosevelt and His Critics, 1933-39, by Michael P. Malone

Schapsmeier, Henry A. Wallace of Iowa, by Alonzo L. Hamby

O'Brien, American Catholics and Social Reform, by Richard S. Kirkendall

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Hazel Emery Mills

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