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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 60 Number 4 (October 1969)


"American Salmon," by Rudyard Kipling, with a note by E. H. Eby

Far-western Populist Thought: A Comparative Study of John R. Rogers and Davis H. Waite. David B. Griffiths

The Political Suicide of Senator Fred T. DuBois of Idaho. Rufus G. Cook

Russia in California, 1833: Report of Governor Wrangel. James R. Gibson

The Mooney-Billings Case: An Essay Review. Albert F. Gunns


Belknap, Oregon Imprints, 1845-1870, by Archibald Hanna

Giles, Cruize in a Queensland Labour Vessel to the South Seas; Crocombe, ed., Works of Ta'unga, by John A. Williams

Miller, Baptists and the Oregon Frontier, by Frank L. Green

O'Meara, Daughters of the Country, by John E. Sunder

Satterfield, Moods of the Columbia, by Robert L. Whitner

Tyler, The Wilkes Expedition, by J. Orin Oliphant

Oliphant, On the Cattle Ranges of the Oregon Country, by Philip D. Jordan

Wood, The Northern Pacific; Brumfield, This Was Wheat Farming, by D. W. Meinig

Florin, Ghost Town El Dorado, by Herman J. Deutsch

Gibbs, West Coast Windjammers, by John Barr Tompkins

Matthews, The Yukon, by Morgan Sherwood

Patterson, Finlay's River, by E. Palmer Patterson II

Orth, Dictionary of Alaska Place Names, by William R. Hunt

Landes, Ojibwa Religion and the Midéwiwin and The Mystic Lake Sioux, by Victor Barnouw

Waldorf, A Kid on the Comstock, by William S. Greever

Lavender, The Rockies, by Merrill J. Mattes

Jacobs, Historical Worlds of Frederick Jackson Turner, by Henry E. Fritz

Elben, First and Second United States Empires, by Lewis L. Gould

Current, ed., Sections and Politics, by Richard L. Hume

Rohrbough, The Land Office Business, by Merrill G. Burlingame

Due and Juris, Rails to the Ochoco Country; McCallum, New Techniques in Railroad Ratemaking, by Jonas A. Jonasson

Loomis, Wells Fargo, by W. Turrentine Jackson

Horan, The Pinkertons, by William George Whittaker

Grover, Diamondfield Jack, by Merle Wells

Gruberg, Women in American Politics, by T. A. Larson

Pizer, ed., Hamlin Garland's Diaries, by Lewis O. Saum

Rolle, The Immigrant Upraised, by Vincent P. Carosso

Mayer, Politics and Diplomacy of Peacemaking, by Eugene P. Trani

Ellis, Republican Foreign Policy, 1921-1933, by Armin Rappaport

Carter, Scottsboro: A Tragedy of the American South, by Carl N. Degler

Hofstadter, The Progressive Historians, by George E. Mowry

Flynn, American Catholics and the Roosevelt Presidency, 1932-1936, by J. Joseph Huthmacher

Howard, Jr., Mr. Justice Murphy, by Samuel McSeveney

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Hazel Emery Mills

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