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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 60 Number 3 (July 1969)


Henry Yesler's "Grand Lottery of Washington Territory." John R. Finger

Arthur L. Marsh and the Washington Education Association, 1921–40. Ardath I. Champlin

Oregon and the Disputed Election of 1876. Philip W. Kennedy

Status, Mobility, and Empire: The Territorial Governors, 1869-90. Jack Ericson Eblen

For God and the American Home: The Attempt to Unseat Senator Reed Smoot, 1903-1907. M. Paul Holsinger


Weber, Bibliography of California Bibliographies, by Benjamin F. Gilbert

Kuykendall, The Hawaiian Kingdom, 1874-1893, by S. K. Stevens

Wagner, Cartography of the Northwest Coast of America to the Year 1800; Wagner, Spanish Voyages to the Northwest Coast of America in the Sixteenth Century, by William R. Hunt

Edson, The Fourth Corner, by Frank L. Green

Dryden, Dryden's History of Washington, by Kent Richards

Beckett, From Wilderness to Enabling Act: The Evolution of a State of Washington, by James J. Best

Large, Drums and Scalpel; McGregor, They Gave Royal Assent, by Norman R. Hacking

Stands in Timber, Cheyenne Memories, by Merrill G. Burlingame

Josephy, Jr., Indian Heritage of America, by Sarah Anne Robinson

Taft, Labor Politics American Style: The California State Federation of Labor, by Richard H. Frost

Philips, Big Wayward Girl: An Informal Political  History of California, by Earl Pomeroy

Hill, Dancing Bear: An Inside Look at California Politics, by H. Brett Melendy

Lucid, ed., Journals of Richard Henry Dana, Jr., by E. H. Eby

Vanderbilt, Achievement of William Dean Howells, by Everett Carter

Link et al., eds., Papers of Woodrow Wilson, Vol. 5, by David A. Shannon

Moscow, Roosevelt and Wilkie, by Robert E. Burke

Tugwell, The Brains Trust, by Michael P. Malone

Moore, Senator Josiah William Bailey of North Carolina, by Richard Lowitt

Chadwin, Hawks of World War II, by Robert A. Divine

Dallek, Democrat and Diplomat: Life of William E. Dodd, by John Edward Wiltz

Kearney, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt; Hareven, Eleanor Roosevelt, by George Wolfskill

Gossman et al., Migration of College and University Students in the United States, by Frederic T. Giles

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Hazel Emery Mills

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