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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 60 Number 2 (April 1969)


The United States Frontier at Sitka, 1867-1873. Ted C. Hinckley

Pat Donan's West and the End of the Age of Hate. Lewis O. Saum

The Carpetbag Image: Idaho Governors in Myth and Reality. Ronald H. Limbaugh

Inland Empire Mining and the Growth of Spokane, 1883-1905. W. Hudson Kensel

The Strategy and Ecology of Man's Occupation of the Intermontane Northwest: An Essay Review. Andrew Hill Clark


Lingenfelter, Dwyer, and Cohen, eds., Songs of the American West, by Gilman M. Ostrander

Fogelson, Fragmented Metropolis, by John W. Caughey

Wood, Constitutional Politics in the Progressive Era, by Otis A. Pease

Hicks, My Life with History, by Ben H. Procter

National Park Service, Explorers and Settlers, by Howard J. Burnham

Severin, Explorers of the Mississippi, by Philip D. Jordan

Cowan, City of the West, by E. H. Eby

Fisher and Holmes, Gold Rushes and Mining Camps of the Early American West, by Herman J. Deutsch

Stallman, Stephen Crane: A Biography, by Kermit Vanderbilt

Grimsted, Melodrama Unveiled, by Eugene C. Elliott

Andrews, Timber; Ripley, Green Timber, by Arthur D. Martinson

Tugwell, Grover Cleveland, by Horace S. Merrill

Margulies, Decline of the Progressive Movement in Wisconsin, by John D. Hicks

Weinstein, Decline of Socialism in America, by Norman Clark

Einstein, A Diplomat Looks Back, by W. B. Fowler

Link et al. , eds., Papers of Woodrow Wilson, Vol. 4, by David A. Shannon

Levin, Jr., Woodrow Wilson and World Politics, by Eugene P. Trani

O'Connor and Walker, The Last Revolutionary: A Biography of John Reed, by Edwin R. Bingham

Tipple, Crisis of the American Dream, by David M. Kennedy

Earnest, Expatriates and Patriots, by Merle Curti

Bryant, Jr., Alfalfa Bill Murray, by Donald R. McCoy

Steiner, The New Indians, by Roger Buffalohead

Bernstein, Towards a New Past, by T. Harry Williams

Tate, Hawaii: Reciprocity or Annexation, by Charles H. Hunter

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Hazel Emery Mills

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