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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 60 Number 1 (January 1969)


The Close and Stinking Jail. Philip D. Jordan, 1-9

Glen H. Taylor: Public Image and Reality. William C. Pratt, 10-16

Lasch on Radicalism: The Problem of Lincoln Steffens. Herbert Shapiro, 17-24

Let's Take Kathleen Home Once More. Harry C. Bauer, 25-28

Three Problems for the Labor Historian. Nuala M. Drescher, 29-31

Labor History: Sources and Perspectives. Richard C. Berner, 31-33


Northwest Historical Art Series, by Elizabeth S. Gustison, 28

Bibliotheca Australiana, Second Series, by William R. Hunt, 34-35

Campbell, Voyage Round the World, by John H. Kemble, 35

Miller and Miller, Lost Heritage of Alaska, by Viola E. Garfield, 35

Craig, United States and Canada, by R. H. Roy, 35-36

Meyer, History of the Santee Sioux, by Stanley N. Murray, 36

Forbes, ed., Nevada Indians Speak, by Don D. Fowler, 36-37

Ewers, ed., O-kee-pa, by George I. Quimby, 37-38

Wheat, Survival Arts of the Primitive Paiutes, by Robert F. G. Spier, 38

White, The Eastern Establishment and the Western Experience, by Richard Dillon, 38-39

Jackson, The Enterprising Scot, by Robert G. Athearn, 39

Coleman and Rieman, Captain John Mullan, by Herman K. Deutsch, 39-40

Hussey, Champoeg, Place of Transition, by William R. Sampson, 40

Murray, The Pig War, by Bruce Mitchell, 40-41

Merriam, ed., Montana Adventure, by Merrill G. Burlingame, 41

Murray, The Valley Comes of Age, by Arthur J. Larsen, 41-42

Hayter, The Troubled Farmer, 1850-1900, by Wayne D. Rasmussen, 42

Olin, Jr., California's Prodigal Sons, by Earl Pomeroy, 42-43

Penick, Jr., Progressive Politics and Conservation, by Lawrence Rakestraw, 43

Somkin, Unquiet Eagle, by Lewis O. Saum, 44

Davidson and Ottoson, eds., Transportation Problems and Policies in the Trans-Missouri West, by W. Turrentine Jackson, 44-45

Allsop, Hard Travellin', by Robert L. Tyler, 45

Van Deusen, William Henry Seward, by Albert V. House, 45-46

Herreshoff, American Disciples of Marx, by Howard H. Quint, 46-47

Montgomery, Beyond Equality, by Richard L. Hume, 47

McMurry, Coxey's Army, b David b. Griffiths, 47-48

Beals, The Great Revolt and Its Leaders, by Karel D. Bicah, 48

Steffens, Upbuilders, by Charles E. Larsen, 48-49

O'Grady, ed., Immigrants' Influence on Wilson's Peace Policies, by Lawrence E. Gelfand, 49

Lubove, Struggle for Social Security, by Paul K. Conkin, 49-50

Kitagawa, Issei and Nisei, by S. Frank Miyamoto, 50-51

Johnston, Legions of Babel; Weintraub, The Last Great Cause, by Hugh T. Lovin, 51

Goodman, The Committee, by Frank A. Warren III, 52

Ross, The Loneliest Campaign, by Allen Yarnell, 52-53

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Hazel Emery Mills, 53-55

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