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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 59 Number 4 (October 1968)


Reform Politics in Seattle During the Progressive Era, 1902-1916. Mansel G. Blackford, 177-85

Henry James in Seattle. Milton A. Mays, 186-89

The Case of Frank Fuller: The Killer of Alaska Missionary Charles Seghers. Gerard G. Steckler, S.J., 190-202

American Intellectuals in World War I. George H. Knoles, 203-15


Kemp, Epitaph for the Giants, by Lawrence Rakestraw, 202

Wise and Brown, Canada Views the United States, by Robin W. Winks, 215-16

Villiers, Captain James Cook, by William R. Hunt, 216-17

Pinchot, The Fight for Conservation, by J. Leonard Bates, 217

Kirk, Exploring Mount Rainier, by William O. Douglas, 217-18

Moss, The Water Crisis, by Richard G. Sheridan, 218

Tyler, Rebels of the Woods, by Joseph R. Conlin, 218

de Camp, The Great Monkey Trial, by Richard Lowitt, 219

Jackson, The Ku Klux Klan in the City, 1915-1930; Lowe, Ku Klux Klan: The Invisible Empire, by Eckard V. Toy, Jr., 219-20

Burner, The Politics of Provincialism, by John D. Hicks, 220-21

Carter, The Twenties in America, by Lewis L. Gould, 221

Stein, John Ruskin and Aesthetic Thought in America, 1840-1900, by Charles E. Blackburn, 221-22

Shannon, The Centennial Years, by Herman J. Deutsch, 222

Qualey, ed., Norwegian-American Studies, Vol. 23, by Alice E. Smith, 222-23

Morgan and Harris, eds., The Rocky Mountain Journals of William Marshall Anderson, by Lewis O. Saum, 223

Utley, Frontiersmen in Blue, by William T. Hagan, 223-24

Gates, ed., California's Ranchos and Farms, 1846-1862, by Lawrence B. Lee, 224

Burrell, Gold in the Woodpile: An Informal History of Banking in Oregon, by Gerald D. Nash, 224-25

Gulick, They Came to a Valley, by Siegfried B. Rolland, 225

Dallas, No More Than Five in a Bed, by Kent Richards, 225-26

Fristrup, The Greenland Ice Cap, by Peter Gellatly, 226

VanStone, Eskimos of the Nushagak River, by Catharine McClellan, 227

Fitch, The Alaska Railroad, by Morgan Sherwood, 227-28

Gruening, The Battle for Alaska Statehood, by Ted C. Hinckley, 228

Divine, Second Chance: The Triumph of Internationalism in America During World War II, by Robert H. Ferrell, 228-29

Kennan, Memories, 1925-1950, by Waldo H. Heinrichs, Jr., 229

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Hazel Emery Mills, 230-31

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