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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 59 Number 2 (April 1968)


Alaska's Search for a Usable Past. Jeannette P. Nichols, 57-67

Vardis Fisher and the Idaho Guide: Preserving Culture for the New Deal. Ronald W. Taber, 68-76

Eugene Semple's Seattle Canal Scheme. Alan A. Hynding, 77-87

Ray Becker, The Last Centralia Prisoner. Albert F. Gunns, 88-99

A Note on the Dogfish Oil Industry of Washington Territory. Thomas F. Gedosch, 100-102


Narrative of the Adventures and Sufferings of John R[odgers] Jewitt, by W. L. Davis, S.J., 76

Lucia, Conscience of a City, by Nard Jones, 99

Elsner, Jr., The Technocrats, by Frank Freidel, 103

Salmond, Civilization Conservation Corps, 1933-1942, by Elmo R. Richardson, 103-105

Moley, The First New Deal, by Richard S. Kirkendall, 105-106

Patterson, Congressional Conservatism and the New Deal, by Dewey W. Grantham, Jr., 106-107

McCoy, Landon of Kansas, by George Wolfskill, 107

Bosworth, America's Concentration Camps, by Frank Miyamoto, 107-108

National Park Service, Prospector, Cowhand, and Sodbuster, by Howard J. Burnham, 108

American Heritage Pictorial Atlas of United States History, by Vernon Carstensen, 108

Morgan, The Pacific States, by Priscilla Knuth, 109

Myers, Print in a Wild Land, by Robert D. Monroe, 109

Kemble, ed., To California and the South Seas, by Oscar O. Winther, 109-10

Hendrickson, Joe Lane of Oregon, by Robert W. Johannsen, 110

Hirshson, Grenville M. Dodge, by Leland L. Sage, 110-11

Careless and Brown, eds., The Canadians, 1867-1967, by Douglas L. Cole, 111-12

Glazebrook, History of Canadian Political Thought, by J. M. Wilson, 112

De Armond, Founding of Juneau, by Ted C. Hinckley, 112-13

Morgan, One Man's Gold Rush, by Jeannette P. Nichols, 113-14

Fisher, Workshops in the Wilderness, by Harold D. Woodman, 114

Korman, Industrialization, Immigrants, and Americanizers, by Roger Daniels, 114-15

Clawson, Federal Lands Since 1956, by Charles E. Corker, 115-16

Thompson, Russia, Bolshevism, and the Versailles Peace, by Donald W. Treadgold, 116

Loewenheim, ed., The Historian and the Diplomat, by Lawrence E. Gelfand, 116-17

Nichols, Invention of the American Political Parties, by Hugh A. Bone, 117

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Hazel Emery Mills, 118-20

The Wobblies and the Historians, 120

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