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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 59 Number 1 (January 1968)


New Light on Ivan Petroff, Historian of Alaska. Richard A. Pierce, 1-10

The Mormons Come to Canada, 1887-1902. Lawrence B. Lee, 11-22

The Haywood Case: An Enduring Riddle. Joseph R. Conlin, 23-32

Robert E. Strahorn, Propagandist for the West. Oliver Knight, 33-45

Gold in the Slag Heap: More Mark Twain Material. E. H. Eby, 45-47


Kirk, The Olympic Rain Forest, by William O. Douglas, 10

Fehrenbach, F.D.R.'s Undeclared War, 1939-1941, by William Appleman Williams, 22

Bibliotheca Australiana, First Series, by William R. Hunt, 32

Johansen and Gates, Empire of the Columbia, second edition, by Norman H. Clark, 48-49

McDonald, ed., Exploring the Northwest Territory: Sir Alexander Mackenzie's Journal, by J. K. Stager, 49-50

Leckie, The Buffalo Soldiers: A Narrative of the Negro Cavalry in the West, by Rudolph M. Lapp, 50-51

Klein and Icolari, eds., Reference Encyclopedia of the American Indian, by Harold E. Driver, 51

Ziff, The American 1890s: Life and Times of a Lost Generation, by Willard Thorp, 51-52

Adams, The Right to be People; Grimes, The Puritan Ethic and Woman Suffrage, by Aileen S. Kraditor, 52-53

Cohen, The American Revisionists: The Lessons of Intervention in World War I, by John Edward Wiltz, 53

Heinrichs, Jr., American Ambassador: Joseph C. Grew and the Development of the United States Diplomatic Tradition, by W. Stull Holt, 53-54

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Hazel Emery Mills, 54-56

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