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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 58 Number 4 (October 1967)


Religion and the Idaho Constitution. Dennis L. Thompson, 169-78

The British in Oregon Country: A Triptych View. Oscar Osburn Winther, 179-87

Camp Lewis: Promotion and Construction. Bernard L. Boylan, 188-95

Was 1928 a Critical Election in California? John L. Shover, 196-204

Woodrow Wilson's Youth and Personality: An Essay Review. David A. Shannon, 205-207


Platt, The Great American Forest, by Lewis O. Saum, 187

Watrous, ed., John Ledyard's Journey Through Russia and Siberia, by R. F. Drew, 195

Merk, The Monroe Doctrine and American Expansionism, 1843-1849; Merk, The Oregon Question, by David M. Pletcher, 208-209

Sellers, James K. Polk: Continentalist, 1843-1846, by Brainerd Dyer, 209-10

Dorn and Lucas, The Shoshoneans, by Merle W. Wells, 210

Brown, The Flight of the Nez Perce, by Herman J. Deutsch, 210-11

Thornton, Indian Lives and Legends, by Melville Jacobs, 211

Sherwood, ed., Alaska and Its History, by William R. Hunt, 211-12

Shiels, The Purchase of Alaska, by Richard Neunherz, 212

Gruening, ed., An Alaskan Reader, 1867-1967, by Benjamin F. Gilbert, 212-13

Walker, Jack London and the Klondike, by Hensley C. Woodbridge, 213

Strong, Joseph Hopkins Twichell: Mark Twain's Friend and Pastor, by E. H. Eby, 213-14

Gatewood, Preachers, Pedagogues & Politicians; Scopes and Presley, Center of the Storm, by Robert E. Burke, 214-15

Turner, The Mormon Establishment; Mullen, The Latter-day Saints: The Mormons of Yesterday and Today, by Lawrence B. Lee, 215-16

Casper, History of the Catholic Church in Nebraska, 3 vols., by Merrill J. Mattes, 216

7Neatby, Conquest of the Last Frontier, by George Piternick, 216-17

Myers, San Francisco's Reign of Terror, by Rudolph M. Lapp, 217

Smith, George Smith's Money: A Scottish Investor in America, by Joe B. Frantz, 217-18

Callow, Jr., The Tweed Ring, by John A. Garraty, 218

Jonas, Isolationism in America, 1935-1941, by Warren I. Cohen, 218-19

Esthus, Theodore Roosevelt and Japan, by Eugene P. Trani, 219

McKinley, The Management of Land and Related Water Resources in Oregon, by Roy F. Bessey, 219-20

Smith, The Politics of Conservation, by Donald C. Swain, 220-21

Rader, The Academic Mind and Reform, by Hugh Hawkins, 221-22

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Hazel Emery Mills, 222-24

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