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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 58 Number 3 (July 1967)


Mark Twain and Frontier Folklore. Leah A. Strong, 113-18

William E. Borah and the Politics of Constitutionalism. Darrell LeRoy Ashby, 119-29

The Founding of Anchorage: Federal Townbuilding on the Last Frontier. William H. Wilson, 130-41

George Patrick Ahern and the Philippine Bureau of Forestry, 1900-1914. Lawrence Rakestraw, 142-50

Murder, Rape, and Carpetbaggers: The Massie Case. Charles H. Hunter, 151-54


Robinson, History of North Dakota, by Edward C. Blackorby, 129

Lee, From West to East, by James D. Hart, 155

Billington, America's Frontier Heritage, by Gunther Barth, 155-56

Groh, Gold Fever: Being a True Account, Both Horrifying and Hilarious, of the Art of Healing (so-called) During the California Gold Rush, by John W. Caughey, 156

Sauer, The Early Spanish Main, by Carl E. Solberg, 156-57

Van Orman,  A Room for the Night: Hotels of the Old West, by Earl Pomeroy, 157

Walker, The Wagonmasters; Settle and Settle, War Drums and Wagon Wheels, by W. N. Davis, Jr., 157-58

Hart, ed., Robert Lewis Stevenson: From Scotland to Silverado, by Oscar Osburn Winther, 158-59

Quimby, Indian Culture and European Trade Goods, by G. Richard Peske, 159

Goetzmann, When the Eagle Screamed, by Marvin R. Zahniser, 159-60

Terrell and Walton, Faint the Trumpet Sounds, by Robert M. Utley, 160

Taylor, Expectations Westward, by Wilbur S. Shepperson, 160-61

Arrington, Beet Sugar in the West, by Paul S. Taylor, 161

McClelland, Jr., ed, A Pioneer's Search for an Ideal Home, by Keith A. Murray, 161-62

Allen, The Company Town in the American West, by Merle Wells, 162

Shepperson, Retreat to Nevada, by Howard H. Quint, 162-63

Hustvedt, Rasmus Bjørn Anderson, Pioneer Scholar, by Sverre Arestad, 163-64

Harris, The Seigneurial System in Early Canada, by William R. Sampson, 164

Heller, ed., Sourdough Sagas, by Morgan Sherwood, 164-65

Bates, ed., Tom Walsh in Dakota Territory, by Herbert S. Schell, 165

Morrison, Josephus Daniels, by Robert E. Burke, 165-66

Kirkendall, Social Scientists and Farm Politics in the Age of Roosevelt, by Clarke A. Chambers, 166

Washington State University Library Manuscripts Collection, 150

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Hazel Emery Mills, 166-58

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