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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 58 Number 1 (January 1967)


The Mystery of Sacagawea's Death. Helen Addison Howard, 1-6

Sacagawea and the Suffragettes. Ronald W. Taber, 7-13

From Statehouse to Bull Pen: Idaho Populism and the Coeur d'Alene Troubles of the 1890s, William J. Gabroury, 14-22

James H. Hawley and the Origins of the Haywood Case. Melvyn Dubofsky, 23-32

Science in Russian America, 1741-1865. Morgan B. Sherwood, 33-39


Goetzmann, Exploration and Empire, by Dwight L. Smith, 13

Lens, Radicalism in America, by Benjamin H. Kizer, 22

Philbrick, The Rise of the West, 1754-1830, by Wilbur R. Jacobs, 39-40

Gressley, Bankers and Cattlemen, by Clark C. Spence, 40

Fite, The Farmer's Frontier, 1865-1900, by Morton Rothstein, 40-41

Van Zandt, Boundaries of the United Sate and the Several Sates, by Stanley N. Murray, 41

Lowenthal, ed., Man and Nature, by George Perkins Marsh, by Gordon Dodds, 41-42

Hollon, The Great American Desert, by T. A. Larson, 42

Lamar, The Far Southwest, 1846-1912, by Gilman M. Ostrander, 42-43

Cawelti, Apostles of the Self-Made Man, by Edward C. Kirkland, 43

Alden, Pioneer America, by Robert E. Riegel, 43-44

Hammond and Morgan, eds., Captain Charles M. Weber, by Nicholas P. Hardeman, 44

Roehm, Letters of George Catlin and His Family, by Lewis O. Saum, 44-45

Smith, The War on Powder River, by Robert C. Nesbit, 45

Vaughn, Indian Fights, by William T. Hagan, 45

White, Experiences of a Special Indian Agent, by Click Relander, 46

McFeat, ed., Indians of the North Pacific Coast, by Barbara Lane, 46

Burns, The Jesuits and the Indian Wars of the Northwest, by Herman J. Deutsch, 46-47

Cooley, Alaska: A Challenge in Conservation, by Jeannette P. Nichols, 47-48

Lanctôt, History of Canada, Volumes 2 and 3, by John A, Williams, 48

Shaw, Erie Water West, by Harry N. Scheiber, 48-49

Peters, All Things Common: The Hutterian Way of Lie, by Charles LeWarne, 49

Schuster with Mahoney, The Longest Auto Race, by Howard Cushman, 49-50

Northwest History News Notes, compiled by Hazel Emery Mills, 50-52

University of Washington Library Manuscripts Collection, 53-54

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