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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 57 Number 4 (October 1966)


Alexander Pantages, Theater Magnate of the West. Theodore Saloutos, 137-47

The Emergence of the Farmer-Labor Party in Washington Politics, 1919-20. Hamilton Cravens, 147-57

The Port Blakely Mill Company, 1876-89. Richard C. Berner, 158-71

American Labor Leaders and the Vancouver Anti-Oriental Riots. Robert E. Wynne, 172-79

The Urban Revolution. John D. Hicks, 181-88


Kaplan, Mr. Clemens and Mark Twain: A Biography, by E. H. Eby, 180

Kavaler, The Astors: A Family Chronicle of Pomp and Power, by Kenneth Wiggins Porter, 188-89

Pierce, Russia's Hawaiian Adventure, 1815-1817, by Harold Whitman Bradley, 189

Day, ed., Mark Twain's Letters from Hawaii, by Roger B. Stein, 189-90

Stern, The Klamath Tribe: A People and Their Reservation, by Keith A. Murray, 190

Kilpatrick and Kilpatrick, eds., The Shadow of Sequoyah: Social Documents of the Cherokees, 1862-1964, by William T. Hagan, 190-91

Jackson, Custer's Gold: The United States Cavalry Expedition of 1874, by Rodman W. Paul, 191

Shannon, The American Irish: A Political and Social Portrait, by Wilbur S. Shepperson, 191

Brown, Ships That Sail No More: Maritime Transportation from San Diego to Puget Sound, 1910-1940, by Gordon Newell, 192

Kuehl, Dissertations in History an Index to Dissertations Complete in History Departments of United Stats and Canadian Universities, 1873-1960, by Lawrence E. Gelfand, 192

Recent Accessions of the Federal Records Center, 179

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