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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 57 Number 2 (April 1966)


May Arkwright Hutton. Benjamin H. Kizer, 49-56

Everett, 1916, and After. Norman H. Clark, 57-64

Terror on Tower Avenue. John M. McClelland, Jr., 65-72

H. M. Chittenden's "Notes on Forestry Paper." Edited by Gordon B. Dodds, 73-81


Kemper, Decade of Fear: Senator Hennings and Civil Liberties, by William L. Dwyer, 56

Strout, ed., The Spirit of American Government, by J. Allen Smith, by E. H. Eby, 82

Jacobs, ed., Frederick Jackson Turner's Legacy, by William R. Sampson, 82-83

Jacobs, Caughey, and Frantz, Turner, Bolton, and Webb, by John Bernard McGloin, S.J., 83

Josephy, Jr., The Nez Perce Indians and the Opening of The Northwest, by Verne F. Ray, 83-84

Fahey, Inland Empire: D. C. Corbin and Spokane, by J. Orin Oliphant, 84

Jarrett, ed., Companions in Resource Management; Perloff, Dunn, Jr., Lampard, and Muth, Regions, Resources, and Economic Growth, by Lawrence Rakestraw, 85

Armstrong, comp., History of the Oregon State Parks, 1917-1963, by Marion Clawson, 85

Schnackenberg, The Lamp and the Cross: Sagas of Pacific Lutheran University, by Samuel R. Mohler, 85-86

Turnbull, Topping's Trail, by Herman J. Deutsch, 86

Dillon, J. Ross Browne: Confidential Agent in Old California, by Dwight L. Smith, 86-87

Flanders, Nauvoo: Kingdom on the Mississippi, by Douglas Wilson, 87

Nichols, General Henry Atkinson, by Harwood P. Hinton, 87-88

Griffen, ed., My Life in the Mountains and on the Plains: The Newly Discovered Autobiography of David Meriwether, by Lewis O. Saum, 88

Stonehouse, John Wesley North and the Reform Frontier, by Earl Pomeroy, 88-89

Gluek, Jr., Minnesota and the Manifest Destiny of the Canadian Northwest, by Karel D. Bicha, 89

Peterson, American Indian Tomahawks, by George I. Quimby, 89-90

Grant, American Forts, Yesterday and Today, by Francis Paul Prucha, 90

Frink and Barthelmess, Photography on an Army Mule, by Oliver Knight, 90

Andrews, Photography of the Frontier West, by William E. Lass, 90-91

Lasch, The New Radicalism in America, 1889-1963, by Robert Allen Skotheim, 91

Larsen, The President Wore Spats: A Biography of Glenn Frank, by John D. Hicks, 91-92

Tate, The United States and the Hawaiian Kingdom, by Donald D. Johnson, 92

The Sir Henry Wellcome Papers, 41

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