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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 57 Number 1 (January 1966)


The Public Image of Lewis and Clark. Donald Jackson, 1-7

Lewis and Clark: The Route 160 Years After. Roy E. Appleman, 8-12

Captain James Colnett and the Tsimshian Indians, 1787. Beverly B. Moeller, 13-17

The Western Volunteer and "The New Empire." Lewis O. Saum, 18-27

The Early Defense and Militia of the Okanagan Valley, 1871-1914. R. H. Roy, 28-35


Tupper, To the Great Ocean: Siberia and the Trans-Siberian Railway, by Donald W. Treadgold, 36

GPH: An Informal Record of George P. Hammond and His Era in the Bancroft Library, by Robert D. Monroe, 36-37

Berkhofer, Salvation and the Savage, by Robert H. Keller, 37

Emmons, Leschi of the Nisquallies, by Keith A. Murray, 37

Letters from Edward Sapir to Robert H. Lowie, by Melville Jacobs, 38

Billigmeier and Picard, ed., The Old Land and the New, by Merle Curti, 38

Smith, Men Against the Mountains, by Herman J. Deutsch, 38-39

Pomeroy, The Pacific Slope, by Oscar O. Winther, 39

Livingston-Little, Economic History of North Idaho, 1800-1900, by Siegfried B. Rolland, 39-40

Lokke, Klondike Saga, by William S. Greever, 40

Scamehorn, ed., The Buckeye Rovers in the Gold Rush, by Peter T. Harstad, 40-41

Steckmesser, The Western Hero in History and Legend, by Frank R. Kramer, 41

Lyon, The Pioneer Editor in Missouri, 1808-1860, by William E. Ames, 41-42

Karolevitz, Newspapering in the Old West, by Henry Ladd Smith, 42

Coles, The War of 1812, by Reginald Horsman, 42

Stampp, The Era of Reconstruction, 1865-1877, by Robert W. Johannsen, 42-43

Gilchrist and Lewis, ed., Economic Change in the Civil War Era, by Alfred L. Roe, 43-44

Kolko, Railroads and Regulation, 1877-1916, by Irwin Unger, 44

Morgan, America's Road to Empire, by Philip W. Kennedy, 44-45

Kraditor, The Ideas of the Woman Suffrage Movement, 1890-1920, by Robert E. Burke, 45

Durden, The Climax of Populism, by Paolo E. Coletta, 45-46

Pressly and Scofield, ed., Farm Real Estate Values in the United States by Counties, 1850-1959, by Wayne D. Rasmussen, 46

Sinclair, The Available Man, by Otis A. Pease, 46-47

National Historical Publications Commission Microfilm Project, 7

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