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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 56 Number 4 (October 1965)


William E. Borah, Political Thespian. John Milton Cooper, Jr, 145-52

Comments by Claudius O. Johnson and Merle W. Wells and reply by John Milton Cooper, Jr., 153-58

The Oregonian and Indian's Advocate. Clifford M. Drury, 159-67

Pacific Coast Competition for the Gold Camp Trade of Montana. Alton B. Oviatt, 168-76


Clark, The Dry Years: Prohibitions and Social Change in Washington, by Edward W. Allen, 176-77

McCabe, The San Juan Water Boundary Question, by August C. Radke, 177

Sherwood, Exploration of Alaska, 1865-1900, by Jeannette P. Nichols, 177-78

Chevigny, Russian America: The Great Alaskan Venture, 1741-1867, by John R. Finger, 178-79

Lawrence, 40 Years on the Yukon Telegraph, by Priscilla Knuth, 179

Oehlerts (comp.), Guide to Colorado Newspapers, 1859-1963, by Robert D. Monroe, 179

Keating, The Gentleman from Colorado: A Memoir, by Carl Ubbelohde, 179-80

Barth, Bitter Strength: A History of the Chinese in the United States, 1850-1870, by Theodore Saloutos, 180

Malone, Pine Trees and Politics: The Naval Stores and Forest Policy in Colonial New England, 1697-1775, by Dauril Alden, 180-81

Dwyer and Lingenfelter (ed.), The Songs of the Gold Rush, by Gilman M. Ostrander, 181-82

Gusfield, Symbolic Crusade: Status Politics and the American Temperance Movement, by Norman Clark, 182

Thomas [pseudo.], Sam Ward, "King of the Lobby," by Earl Pomeroy, 182-83

Fussel, Frontier: American Literature and the American West, by E. H. Eby, 183-84

Tugwell, How They Became Presidents: Thirty-Five Ways to the White House, by Claudius O. Johnson, 184

Records of the Bonneville Power Administration, 158

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