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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 56 Number 3 (July 1965)


Judge Burke's Wenatchee, 1888-93. Bruce Mitchell, 97-105

Snake River Railroad. Ross R. Cotroneo, 106-13

Walsh of Montana in Dakota Territory: Political Beginnings. J. Leonard Bates, 114-24

Turner's Safety Valve and Free Negro Western Migration. George R. Woolfolk, 125-30


Bessey, Public Issues of Middle Snake River Development; Smith and Castle, ed., Economics and Public Policy in Water Resource Development, by Bruce Mitchell, 113

Dillon, Meriwether Lewis, by Donald Jackson, 131

Sandoz, The Beaver Men, by Richard M. Clokey, 131-32

Sunder, Fur Trade on the Upper Missouri, 1840-1865, by Harold E. Briggs, 132

McCague, Moguls and Iron Men, by Robert C. Nesbit, 132-33

Clawson, Man and Lands in the United States, by C. W. Loomer, 133

Olsen, ed., The Willapa Country, by John McClelland, Jr., 133-34

Sales, Underground Warfare at Butte, by William S. Greever, 134

Kornbluh, ed., Rebel Voices; Brooks, Toil and Trouble, by Jack Barbash, 134-36

Durham and Jones, The Negro Cowboy, by Joe B. Frantz, 135-6

Moore, Log of a Twentieth Century Cowboy, by Walker D. Wyman, 136

Miyakawa, Protestants and Pioneers, by Earl Pomeroy, 136

Hutchens, One Man's Montana, by Edwin R. Bingham, 136-37

Wheeler, ed., A Vanishing America, by Lewis Atherton, 137

Fuller, RFD:The Changing Face of Rural America, by Henry Ladd Smith, 137-38

Coletta, Williams Jennings Bryan, Vol. 1, Political Evangelist, 1860-1908, by Paul W. Glad, 138-39

O'Connor, Jack London, by James D. Hart, 139

Dorson, Buying the Wind, by Horace Beck, 139-40

Wherry, Totem Pole Indians, by Erna Gunther, 140

Audain, Ale Dunsmuir's Dilemma, by Robert E. Wynne, 140-41

Yarwood, Asian Migration to Australia, by John A. Williams, 141

New Social Welfare history Archives Center, 130

University of Washington Library Manuscripts Collection, 142-44

Microfilm Project for Manuscripts in University of Washington Library, 144

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