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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 56 Number 2 (April 1965)


Building a Wagon Road Through the North Cascade Mountains. Keith A. Murray, 49-56

Woman Suffrage in Wyoming. T. A. Larson, 57-66

The Inside Passage: A Popular Gilded Age Tour. Ted C. Hinckley, 67-74

The Historiography of American Conservation: Past and Prospects. Gordon B. Dodds, 75-81

John Frank Stevens, American Engineer. Tom H. Inskster, 82-85

Hamlin Garland and Burton Babcock. Paul C. Pitzer, 86-88


Manning et al., The North Cascades, by Emily E. Johnson, 56

Gray, Lord Selkirk of Red River, by Stanley N. Murray, 81

Kirk, Exploring the Olympic Peninsula, by William O. Douglas, 88-89

Osgood, ed., Field Notes of Captain William Clark, by Dorothy O. Johansen, 89

Lavender, Fist in the Wilderness, by Alice E. Smith, 89-90

Trenholm and Carley, The Shoshonis, by Roger Buffalohead, 90

Morgan, ed., The West of William H. Ashley, by A. P. Nasatir, 91

Crithfield, Of Yesterday and the River, by George A. Frykman, 91

Moody, Old Trails West, by William E. Lass, 91-92

Stegner, Gathering of Zion, by Robert E. Riegel, 92

Nash, State Government and Economic Development, by Ping Chiu, 92

Clarkson, Tumult on the Mountains, by Thomas D. Clark, 93

Warner, Progressivism in Ohio, 1897-1917, by Robert E. Burke, 93-94

Kinzer, Episode in Anti-Catholicism, by Robert Moats Miller, 94

Levine, Varieties of Reform Thought, by Clarke A. Chambers, 94-95

Rojas, The Vaquero, by Gladys and N. Ray Gilmore, 95

Bagrow, History of Cartography, by Walter W. Ristow, 95-96

Book Notes, 66

Charles M. Gates Memorial Award, 96

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