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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 56 Number 1 (January 1965)


The "Hell-Soaked Institution" and the Washington Prohibition Initiative of 1914. Norman Clark, 1-16

Fred T. Dubois and the Nonpartisan League in the Idaho Election of 1918. Merle W. Wells, 17-29

The Dilemma of American Elbowroom. David H. Stratton, 30-35


Terrell, Black Robe: The Life of Pierre-Jean De Smet, by W. L. Davis, S.J., 36-37

Cameron, The Golden Haze: With Captain Cook in the South Pacific, by Charles H. Hunter, 37

Duncan, ed., Overland Journey from New York to San Francisco in the Summer of 1859, by Horace Greeley, by W. N. Davis, Jr., 37-38

Decker, Railroads, Lands, and Politics, by Marion Clawson, 38

Haines, Jr., and Smith, Gold on Sterling Creek, by Percy W. Christian, 38-39

Sprague, The Great Gates, by Robin W. Winks, 39

Jackman and Long, The Oregon Desert, by Francis D. Haines, Jr., 39-40

Hart, Old Forts of the Southwest, by Harwood P. Hilton, 40

Paine, Tom Horn, Man of the West, by Merrill G. Burlingame, 40

Grover, Debates and Dynamiters, by David A. Shannon, 40-41

Friedheim, The Seattle General Strike, by Harvey O'Connor, 41-42

Saloutos, The Greeks in the United States, by L. E. Gelfand, 42-43

Jacobs, Pattern in Cultural Anthropology, by James A. Clifton, 43-44

Hassrick, The Sioux, by Charles S. Brant, 44

Oswalt, Mission of Change in Alaska, by Lionel Tiger, 44-45

Morton, The Kingdom of Canada, by Alice R. Stewart, 45-46

Beal, Pearson of Canada, by Barbara J. Fraser, 46

Moog, Bandeirantes and Pioneers, by Dauril Alden, 46-47

Bannon, Bolton and the Spanish Borderlands, by Woodrow Borah, 47

Washington State University Library Acquisitions, 29

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