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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 55 Number 3 (July 1964)


The Personal Factor in the Writing of History. John D. Hicks, 97-104

The Defense of Seattle, 1856: "And Down Came the Indians." Bernard C. Nalty & Truman R. Strobridge, 105-10

The Recollections of Stephen James Chadwick. Edited by Stephen F. Chadwick, Sr., 111-18

Stock Grazing in Washington's Nile Valley: Receding Ranges in the Cascades. Gretta Gossett, 119-27


Drury, ed., First White Women over the Rockies, by Dorothy O. Johansen, 128

Lavender, Westward Vision, by Merle W. Wells, 128-29

Speck, Samuel Hearne and the Northwest Passage, by Francis D. Haines, Jr., 129

Porter and Davenport, Scotsman in Buckskin, by Clark C. Spence, 129-30

Hart, Old Forts of the Northwest; Frazer, ed., Mansfield on the Condition of the Western Forts, 1853-54, by Benjamin F. Gilbert, 130

Utley, Last Days of the Sioux Nation, by Edgar I. Stewart, 130-31

Field and Dennis, Land of Promise, by E. Palmer Patterson II, 131

Mason, ed., After Tippecanoe, by R. H. Roy, 131-32

Stanley, Louis Riel, by L. G. Thomas, 132

Ashley, Study of Trans-Canada Air Lines, by K. A. MacKirdy, 132-33

Steinheimer, Backwoods Railroads of the West, by Merrill D. Beal, 133

Owens, Galena, Grant, and the Fortunes of War, by W. Turrentine Jackson, 133-34

Merk, Manifest Destiny and Mission in American History, by Irene Hecht, 134

Firth, Public Power in Nebraska, by Gus Norwood, 134-35

Nadeau, California: The New Society, by W. N. Davis, Jr., 135

Hyman, Soldiers and Spruce, by Elmo R. Richardson, 135-36

Schlesinger, In Retrospect: The History of a Historian, by John D. Hicks, 136-37

Rappaport, Henry L. Stimson and Japan, 1931-33, by L. E. Gelfand, 137-38

Reader's Scrapbook, compiled by Ernestine Brown, 138-40

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