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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 55 Number 2 (April 1964)


Indications of Mental Illness Among Pre-Contact Indians of the Northwest States. Melville Jacobs, 49-54

The Coon-Neuberger Debates of 1955: "Ten Dam Nights in Oregon." Bert E. Swanson and Deborah Rosenfield, 55-66

Louis Russell Glavis: A Postscript to the Ballinger-Pinchot Controversy. James Lal Penick, Jr., 67-75

The Transition of the Washington Executive from Territory to Statehood. Robert H. Simmons, 76-86


Morgan and Hammond, editors, Guide to the Manuscript Collections of the Bancroft Library, Vol. I, by Rudolph Lapp, 54

Whitehill, Independent Historical Societies, by Ray Allen Billington, 87

Glover, editor, David Thompson's Narrative, 1784-1812, by Oscar Osburn Winther, 87-88

Oglesby, Manuel Lisa and the Opening of the Missouri Fur Trade, by Merrill J. Mattes, 88

Cline, Exploring the Great Basin, by Herman J. Deutsch, 88-89

National Park Service, Soldier and Brave, by Keith A. Murray, 89

Street, Sepass Poems, by Melville Jacobs, 89-90

Brodie, editor, City of the Saints, by Richard Burton, by A. R. Mortensen, 90

Davis, compiler, Shallow Diggin's, by Merrill G. Burlingame, 90-91

Lanctôt, History of Canada, Vol. I, by Yves F. Zoltvany, 91

Ramsey, P.G.E.—Railway to the North, by K. A. MacKirdy, 91-92

Swain, Federal Conservation Policy, 1921-1933, by David H. Stratton, 92-93

Gelfand, The Inquiry: American Preparations for Peace, 1917-1919, by Armin Rappaport, 93

Leuchtenburg, Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal, 1932-1940, by George Wolfskill, 93-94

Charles, Minister of Relief: Harry Hopkins and the Depression, by Clarke A. Chambers, 94

Reader's Scrapbook, compiled by Ernestine Brown, 95-96

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