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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 54 Number 4 (October 1963)


Bread and Wine. Angelo M. Pellegrini, 137-42

The Japanese Minority in the Pacific Northwest. S. Frank Miyamoto, 143-49

Council on Regional Historical Research in Progress: Papers and commentaries read at the Tacoma meeting, 1963

            Early Spanish Artists on the Northwest Coast. Donald C. Cutter, 150-57

            Aboriginal Populations of the Lower Northwest Coast. Herbert C. Taylor, Jr., 158-65

            Comment by Francis D. Haines, Jr., 165-66

            The Murder of Missionary Thornton. Maurice Montgomery, 167-73

            Comment by Keith A. Murray, 173-74

Portrait of a Gaudy Tycoon. Otis Pease, 174-76


Highsmith, Atlas of the Pacific Northwest, by George A. Frykman, 157

Wingert, Primitive Art, by Erna Gunther, 177

Greever, Bonanza West, by Leonard J. Arrington, 177-78

Rogers, Future of Alaska, by Ernest Gruening, 178

Webster et al., Washington State Government, by Paul L. Beckett, 178-79

Stewart and Stewart, Adolph Sutro, by James W. Hulse, 179

Beal, Intermountain Railroads, by Jonas A. Jonasson, 179-80

Borning, Political and Social Thought of Charles A. Beard, by Jackson T. Main, 180

Wheeler, Yankee from the West, by Richard T. Ruetten, 180-81

Timberlake, Prohibition and the Progressive Movement, 1900-1920, by Thomas J. Pressly, 181-82

Reader's Scrapbook, compiled by Ernestine Brown, 182-83

Washington State University Library Manuscripts Collection, 184

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