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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 54 Number 3 (July 1963)


Roy Olmstead, A Rumrunning King on Puget Sound. Norman H. Clark, 89-103

The Great Northern Pacific Plan of 1927. Ross R. Cotroneo, 104-12

The West in Paperbacks. Herman J. Deutsch, 113-23

Steinbrueck's Seattle. John M. Morse, 124-25


Rich, History of the Hudson's Bay Company, Vol. II, by Dorothy O. Johansen, 125-26

Davies, ed., Peter Skene Ogden's Snake Country Journal, 1826-27, by Dale L. Morgan, 126

Williams, British Search for the Northwest Passage in the Eighteenth Century, by Herman J. Deutsch, 126-27

Jackson, ed., Letters of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, by Robert L. Whitner, 127-28

Vevier, ed., Siberian Journey down the Amur to the Pacific, 1856-1857, by Marc Raeff, 128

Blackwelder, Great Westerner, by John Brown, 128-29

Nunis, ed., Golden Frontier, by William S. Greever, 129

Ekman, Scenic Geology of the Pacific Northwest, by Bates McKee, 129-30

Wills, High Trails: A Guide to the Cascade Crest Trail; Haines, Mountain Fever: Historic Conquests of Rainier, by William O. Douglas, 130

Lucia, Klondike Kate, by Theodore Saloutos, 131

Noggle Teapot Dome, by David H. Stratton, 131-32

Divine, Illusion of Neutrality, by Warren I. Cohen, 132

Burr, Stillborn Panama Congress, by Terence Tarr, 132-33

Kung, Chinese in American Life, by R. E. Wynne, 133

Cornell, Alignment of Political Groups in Canada, 1841-1867, by J. E. Hodgetts, 133-34

Reader's Scrapbook, compiled by Ronald Todd, 134-36

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