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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 54 Number 1 (January 1963)


Colonialism: A Western Complaint. Gene M. Gressley, 1-8

Western Politics and New Deal Policies: A Study of T. A. Walters of Idaho. Elmo R. Richardson, 9-18

Showdown in Montana, 1938: Burton Wheeler's Role in the Defeat of Jerry O'Connell. Richard T. Ruetten, 19-28

Ocosta-by-the-Sea. Gerald Dale Bogar, 29-32

Arthur E. Throckmorton, 1913-1962, 33-35


Smith, Tiger in the Senate, by Earl Pomeroy, 35-36

Morgan, William B. Greeley, by J. Leonard Bates, 36-37

Fausold, Gifford Pinchot, by Elmo R. Richardson, 37

Schiff, Fire and Water, by Lawrence Rakestraw, 37-38

Ewers, ed., Five Indian Tribes of the Upper Missouri, by Kenneth N. Owens, 38-39

Ray, Artists of the Tundra and the Sea, by Robert Ritzenthaler, 39

Kroeber, Ishi in Two Worlds, by J. Alden Mason, 39-40

Morgan, Northwest Corner, by Nard Jones, 40

Eggenhofer, Wagons, Mules and Men, by Oscar Osburn Winther, 40-41

Simpson, ed., Letters of José Señán, O.F.M., by Robert V. Hine, 41

Ford, Thirty Explosive Years in Los Angeles County, by Gladys Gilmore, 41-42

Randall and Donald, The Civil War and Reconstruction, by Ralph J. Roske, 42

Hoglund, Finnish Immigrants in America, 1880-1920; Conway, ed., The Welsh in America, by L. E. Gelfand, 42-43

Morton, The Canadian Identify; Eayrs, Art of the Possible; Aitken, American Capital and Canadian Resources, by K. A. MacKirdy, 43-44

Crick and Alman, ed., Guide to Manuscripts Relating to America in Great Britain and Ireland, by Max Savelle, 44-45

Reader's Scrapbook, compiled by Ronald Todd, 45-46

University of Washington Library Manuscripts Collection, 47-48

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