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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 53 Number 4 (October 1962)


The Kirkland Steel Mill: Adventure in Western Enterprise. William R. Sherrard, 129-37

Fred T. Dubois and the Silver Issue, 1896. Leo W. Graff, Jr., 138-44

The Coeur d'Alene Land Rush, 1909-10. Jack Dozier, 145-50

The Nylund Family, Pioneers of Old Ozette. Rowena L. and Gordon D. Alcorn, 151-56

Areal Descriptions in Anthropology. Melville Jacobs, 156-58


McKenna, Borah, by Merle W. Wells, 159-60

Gates, First Century at the University of Washington, 1861-1961, by George Harmon Knoles, 161

Le Roy, editor, H. M. Chittenden: A Western Epic, by Gordon B. Dodds, 161-62

Todd, editor, Adventures of Captain Bonneville, by Doyce B. Nunis, Jr., 162

Hine, Edward Kern and American Expansion, by Matt S. Meier, 162-63

Ramsey, Barkerville, by Michael R. Booth, 163

Ernst, Trouping in the Oregon Country, by William L. Phillips, 163-64

Florin, Western Ghost Towns, by Herman J. Deutsch, 164

Josephy, Patriot Chiefs, by Richard Hanson, 164-65

Randall, Footprints along the Yellowstone, by Merrill D. Beal, 165

Gottfried, Boss Germak of Chicago, by Robert E. Burke, 165-66

Iulo, Electric Utilities; Hendriksen, Price-Level Adjustments of Financial Statements; Profit, Performance, and Progress, by Gus Norwood, 166

Washington State University Library Acquisitions, by Mary W. Avery, 150

Reader's Scrapbook, compiled by Ronald Todd, 157-88

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