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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 52 Number 3 (July 1961)


The Seattle General Strike of 1919. Robert L. Friedheim, 81-98

Early Athletics at the University of Washington. Charles M. Gates, 99-107

Self-Education in Historiography: The Case of Charles A. Beard. Gerald D. Nash, 108-15


O'Meara, The Savage Country, by Herman J. Deutsch, 115

Jessett, Chief Spokan Garry, 1811-1892, by Erwin N. Thompson, 115-16

Hult, Northwest Disaster, by Bruce Mitchell, 116

Jacobs, The People Are Coming Soon, by Francis Lee Utley, 116-17

Clark, Indian Legends of Canada, by Melville Jacobs, 117

Cronin, Cross in the Wilderness, by John S. Conway, 117-18

Cutter, Malaspina in California, by Bernard E. Bobb, 118-19

Frost, Notes on General Ashley, by John E. Sunder, 119

Mattes, Indians, Infants, and Infantry, by T. A. Larson, 119-20

Kerr, Land, Wood and Water, by Richard Lowitt, 120

Block, Separation of the Farm Bureau and the Extension Service, by Clarke E. Chambers, 120-21

Gates, The Farmer's Age, by Vincent P. Carosso, 121

Cronon, Josephus Daniels in Mexico, by Paolo E. Coletta, 121-22

Conkin, Tomorrow a New World, by Frank Freidel, 122-23

Graham, Arthur Meighen: A Biography, Vol. 1, by Ernest Watkins, 123-24

Irving, Social Credit Movement in Alberta, by Harold J. Schultz, 124

Thomas and Case, ed., Guide to the Diplomatic Archives of Western Europe, by Max Savelle, 125

Kane, Guide to the Care and Administration of Manuscripts, by Julia H. Macleod, 125-26

Reader's Scrapbook, compiled by Ronald Todd, 126-27

Washington State University Library Acquisitions, 128

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