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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 52 Number 2 (April 1961)


They Rode the Trains: Railroad Passenger Traffic and Regional Reaction. Jonas A. Jonasson, 41-49

FDR, Pragmatist-Idealist: An Essay in Historiography. Clarke E. Chambers, 50-55

Daniel Bagley and the University of Washington Land Grant, 1861-1868. Charles M. Gates, 56-67


McGeary, Gifford Pinchot: Forester-Politician, by Elmo R. Richardson, 68

Hilton and Due, Electric Interurban Railways in America, by Gilbert H. Kneiss, 68-69

Brebner, Canada: A Modern History, by Charles S. Campbell, Jr., 69

Stoutenburgh, Dictionary of the American Indian, by Theodore Stern, 69-70

de Laguna, Story of Tlingit Community, by Harry B. Hawthorn, 70

Hawthorn, Belshaw, and Jamieson, Indians of British Columbia, by William Elmendorf, 70-71

Dorson, American Folklore, by Melville Jacobs, 71-72

Wade, The Urban Frontier, by Dorothy O. Johansen, 72

Allen, The Vanishing Frenchman, by Charles M. Gates, 72-73

Monaghan, Custer, by Edgar I. Stewart, 73

Singletary, The Mexican War, by Ramón Eduardo Ruíz, 73-74

Furniss, The Mormon Conflict, 1850-1859, by Everett L. Cooley, 74

Sharkey, Money, Class, and Party, by Thomas J. Pressly, 74-75

Richardson and Farley, John Palmer Usher, by Patrick W. Riddleberger, 75-76

Peterson, The Jefferson Image in the American Mind, by Bernard W. Wishy, 76

Hyman, To Try Men's Souls, by Max Savelle, 76-77

Johnson, American National Government, by Robert J. Pitchell, 77-78

Hicks, Republican Ascendancy, 1921-1933, by L. E. Gelfand, 78

Reader's Scrapbook, compiled by Ronald Todd, 78-80

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