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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 51 Number 4 (October 1960)


An Early Nineteenth-Century Artist in Alaska: Louis Choris and the First Kotzebue Expedition. James W. VanStone, 145-58

Edmond S. Meany, Historian. George A. Frykman, 159-70

Public Printers of Washington Territory, 1863-1889. W. A. Katz, 171-81


Johansen, ed., Robert Newell's Memoranda, by Mary W. Avery, 181-82

Andersen, Surveyor of the Sea, by John Haskell Kemble, 182

Jacobs, ed., Nehalem Tillamook Tales, by David French, 182-83

Jones, The Great Command, by George A. Frykman, 183-84

Deutsch, ed., Mercer's Belles, by Murray Morgan, 184

Lucia, The Saga of Ben Holladay, by Joseph W. Ellison, 184-85

Athearn, High Country Empire, by Howard R. Lamar, 185-86

Foss, Politics and Grass, by Richard S. Kirkendall, 186-87

Elliott, ed., Klondike Cattle Drive, by Edith Dobie, 187

Gard, The Great Buffalo Hunt, by James C. Olson, 187-88

Russ, The Hawaiian Revolution (1893-94), by Charles H. Hunter, 188

Warner, The Idea of Continental Union, by Walter V. Scholes, 188-89

Palmer, The Age of Democratic Revolution, Vol. 1, The Challenge, by Scott H. Lytle, 189-90

Reader's Scrapbook, compiled by Ronald Todd, 191-92

W.S.U. Library Manuscripts Collection, by Mary W. Avery, 192

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