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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 51 Number 3 (July 1960)


Gold Rush Theater: The Theatre Royal, Barkerville, British Columbia. Michael R. Booth, 97-102

Public Printers of Washington Territory, 1853-1863. W. A. Katz, 103-14

The Evolution of Territorial and State Boundaries in the Inland Empire of the Pacific Northwest. Herman J. Deutsch, 115-31

The Columbia River Regional Library: A Multi-County Demonstration. Isabella E. Shinn, 132-35

Sources of Pacific Northwest History: Washington Mill Company Papers. Judith M. Johnson, 136-38


Rogers, Alaska in Transition, by Robert Allen Frederick, 139-40

McNaught, A Prophet in Politics, by K. A. MacKirdy, 140-41

Johansen, ed., Voyage of the Columbia, by Norman Clark, 141

Dale, Frontier Ways, by Robert G. Athearn, 141-42

Crick, The American Science of Politics, by Hugh A. Bone, 142

Leissler, Roads and Trails of Olympic National Park, by William O. Douglas, 142-43

Man and Learning in Modern Society, by Harold W. Stoke, 143

Reader's Scrapbook, compiled by Ronald Todd, 144

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