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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 51 Number 2 (April 1960)


Before McNary: The Northwest Conservationist, 1889-1913. Lawrence Rakestraw, 49-56

Building on Sawdust. Elwood R. Maunder, 57-62

The Evolution of the International Boundary in the Inland Empire of the Pacific Northwest. Herman J. Deutsch, 63-79

Requiem for an Anthem. Harry C. Bauer, 80-85


Ault, Papers of Lucullus Virgil McWhorter, by Dell R. Skeels, 85

Cochran, Indian Portraits of the Pacific Northwest, by Melville Jacobs, 85

Sunder, Bill Sublette, Mountain Man, by Dale L. Morgan, 86-87

Whitebrook, Coastal Exploration of Washington, by Erna Gunther, 87-88

McNamee, Willamette Interlude, by William N. Bischoff, S.J., 88

Crisler, Arctic Wild; Shand and Shand, The Summit and Beyond; Hart, McKay's Guide to Alaska, by Robert D. Monroe, 88-89

Hays, Conservation and the Gospel of Efficiency, by Clarke A. Chambers, 89-90

Countryman, ed., Douglas of the Supreme Court, by Charles Aikin, 90

Flexner, Century of Struggle, by Marion Galbraith Merrill, 90-91

Perry, ed., Sources of Our Liberties, by Max Savelle, 91

Morgan, ed., The Overland Diary of James A. Pritchard from Kentucky to California in 1849, by Dorothy O. Johansen, 91-92

Evans, ed., Men and Moments in the History of Science, by Carl B. Boyer, 92-93

May, The End of American Innocence, by Robert Allen Skotheim, 93-94

Garrison, et al., Studies of Highway Development and Geographic Change; Horwood and Boyce, Studies of the Central Business District and Urban Freeway, by Gerald D. Nash, 94

Brier, Sawdust Empire, by Bruce Le Roy, 94-95

Reader's Scrapbook, compiled by Ronald Todd, 95-96

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