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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 51 Number 1 (January 1960)


Vancouver and the Indians of Puget Sound. Erna Gunther, 1-12

How Washington Territory Got Its Name. Warren J. Brier, 13-15

Peter Skene Ogden's Trek into Utah, 1828-29. David E. Miller, 16-25

The Midwest Decision, 1915: A Landmark in Conservation History. J. Leonard Bates, 26-33


Richard, History of the Hudson's Bay Company, 1670-1870, Vol. I, by Dorothy O. Johansen, 34-35

King, Conservation Fight, by Richard Lowitt, 35

Webb, An Honest Preface and Other Essays, by Earl Pomeroy, 35-36

Brigham, Fifty Years of Collecting Americana, by George P. Hammond, 36

Jacobs, Clackamas Chinook Texts, by J. L. Fischer, 36-37

Wildschut and Ewers, Crow Indian Beadwork, by A. H. Gayton, 37-38

Wild, Amor De Cosmos, by J. C. M. Ogelsby, 38

Leech, in the Days of McKinley, by Paolo Coletta , 38-39

Chapin, Contemporary Canada, by K. A. MacKirdy, 39-40

McCoy, Angry Voices, by Frank Freidel, 40-41

Einaudi, Roosevelt Revolution, by Robert E. Burke, 41

Moos and Rourke, The Campus and the State; Report of the Committee on Government and Higher Education, Efficiency of Freedom, by Ken West, 41-42

Allen, Narcissa Whitman, by Thomas E. Jessett, 42-43

Murray, The Modocs and Their War, by Edwin R. Bingham, 43

Pacific Northwest History Conference, 25

Reader's Scrapbook, compiled by Ronald Todd, 44-45

W.S.U. Library Manuscripts Collection, by Mary W. Avery, 45-46

Communications, 47-48

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