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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 50 Number 2 (April 1959)


Russian Exploration in Interior Alaska. James W. VanStone, 37-47

An Excursion to Wrangell, 1896. Robert D. Monroe, 48-52

The Mart A. Howard Klondike Collection. Mary W. Avery, 53-62


Berton, The Klondike Gold Fever, by William S. Greever, 63

Barbeau, Pathfinders in the North Pacific, by Catharine McClellan, 63-64

Fleming, Canada's Arctic Outlet, by K. A. MacKirdy, 64-65

Creighton, History of Canada, by Robin W. Winks, 65-66

Lavender, Land of Giants, by Dennis F. Strong, 66

Lewis, comp., Autobiography of the West, by Donald L. Kinzer, 66-67

Jeffcott, Blanket Bill Jarman, by Robert D. Monroe, 67-68

Sheller, Ben Snipes, Northwest Cattle King, by Herman J. Deutsch, 68

Landeen, E. O. Holland and the State College of Washington, 1916-1944, by Vernon Carstensen, 68-69

Braisted, The United States Navy in the Pacific, 1897-1909, by Norris W. Potter, 69

Wahlgren, The Kensington Stone, by Robert E. Greengo, 70

Heilbron, The Thirty-Second State: A Pictorial History of Minnesota, by Herman Kahn, 70-71

McCulloch, Woods Words, by Carroll E. Reed, 71

Ginger, Altgeld's America, by Horace Samuel Merrill, 71-72

Spence, British Investments and the American Mining Frontier, 1860-1901, by W. Turrentine Jackson, 72-73

Reader's Scrapbook, compiled by Ronald Todd, 73-76

Washington State Historical Society Notes, 76

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