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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 50 Number 1 (January 1959)


The Business Leaders of Seattle, 1880-1910. Norbert McDonald, 1-13

Geographic Setting for the Recent History of the Inland Empire (Part II). Herman J. Deutsch, 14-25

Of Fish and the River. Max Savelle, 26-27

The Chittenden Papers. Bruce Le Roy, 28-30


Neiderheiser, comp., Forest History Sources of the United States and Canada, by Richard C. Berner, 31

Bjork, West of the Great Divide, by Lawrence E. Gelfand, 31-32

Geiger, University of the Northern Plains, by John Van de Wetering, 32

Bone, Party Committees and National Politics, by Robert J. Pitchell, 32-33

Jones, Lord Aberdeen an the Americas, by John S. Galbraith, 33-34

Beers, The French in North America, by Raymond Muse, 34

Ewers, The Blackfeet, by Merrill J. Mates, 34-35

Highsmith, ed., Atlas of the Pacific Northwest, by George A. Frykman, 35

Ostrander, The Prohibition Movement in California, 1848-1933, by Joseph A. McGowan, 35-36

Gibbs, Shipwrecks of the Pacific Coast, by John Barr Tompkins, 36

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