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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 49 Number 2 (April 1958)


Conservation as a Political Issue: The Western Progressives' Dilemma, 1909-1912. Elmo R. Richardson, 49-54

Mission Church in Edmonton: An Anglican Experiment in the Canadian West. Lewis G. Thomas, 55-60

William Henson Wallace, Pioneer Politician. Annie Laurie Bird, 61-76

The Evolution of an Industry: The Dairy Economy of Tillamook County, Oregon. Oliver H. Heintzelman, 77-81

Source Materials for Pacific Northwest History. Richard C. Berner, 82-83


Campbell, The North West Company, by Grace Lee Nute, 83-84

Barnett, Indian Shakers, by June Randolph, 84-85

Berton, They Mysterious North, by Donald R. Moberg, 85

Freeman and Upton, Washington State Resources, by Violet Ryberg, 85-86

Beasley, ed., Select Documents on Japanese Foreign Policy, 1853-1868, by Marius B. Jansen, 86-87

Reader's Scrapbook, compiled by Ronald Todd, 87-88

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