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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 48 Number 2 (April 1957)


Frederic G. Young, Regionalist and Historian. George A. Frykman, 33-38

Liverpool, Gateway to Zion. W. H. G. Armytage, 39-44

The State Archives of Washington. Robert W. Nesbit, 45-46

The Location of Flathead Post. Allan H. Smith, 47-54

Hospitality at the Punchbowl: An Astorian's Recollections of an Evening with Count Baranoff. Edited by John Francis McDermott, 55-58


Billington, The Far Western Frontier, 1830-1860, by Robert W. Johannsen, 59-60

Spencer, The Big Blowup, by C. S. Cowan, 60-61

Sanderson, Horses Are for Warriors, by Elsie Stewart Ogden, 61

Lamar, Dakota Territory, 1861-1889, by Gilbert C. Fite, 61-62

Ricks and Cooley, ed., The History of a Valley: Cache Valley, Utah-Idaho, by David E. Miller, 62

Reader's Scrapbook, compiled by Ronald Todd, 63-64

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