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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 48 Number 1 (January 1957)


More Land for Industry: The Story of Flood Control in the Green River Valley. Howard A. Hanson, 1-7

Anderson's Landing. Patricia J. Hanley, 8-12

Ranald McDonald. Joel E. Ferris, 13-16

History in Colored Glass, 17-21

Drafting Washington's State Constitution, 22-24

The Washington Library Association, 1931-55. William H. Carlson, 25-26


Younger, John A. Kasson, by August C. Radke, 16

Curti, Probing Our Past, by Otis Pease, 27

Hutchison, Struggle for the Border, by William S. Greever, 27-28

McKelvey, Botanical Exploration of the Trans-Mississippi West, 1790-1850, by Earl J. Larrison, 28-29

De Laguna, Chugach Prehistory, by Malcolm F. Farmer, 29

Winthrop, Canoe and Saddle; Spalding, ed., Fur Hunters of the Far West, by John J. Driscoll, 30

Hockett, Critical Method in Historical Research and Writing, by Stuart Forth, 30-31

Reader's Scrapbook, compiled by Ronald Todd, 31-32

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