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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 47 Number 4 (October 1956)


Reporting a Pacific Railroad Survey: Isaac Stevens' Letters to Stephen A. Douglas. Robert W. Johannsen, 97-106

Origins of Anti-Mormonism in Idaho, 1872-1880. Merle W. Wells, 107-16

The Economic Development of the Gallatin Valley. Robert G. Dunbar, 117-122


Sharp, Whoop-Up Country, by J. D. Herbert, 124

Gibbs, Sentinels of the North Pacific, by John Haskell Kemble, 124-25

Schmitt and Brown, The Settler's West, by Robert J. Johannsen, 125-26

Dryden, By Sea on the Tonquin, by Della Gould Emmons, 126

Relander et al, The Yakimas; Baker, The Forgotten Kutenai, by Francis Haines, 126-27

Reader's Scrapbook, compiled by Ronald Todd, 127-28

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