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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 47 Number 3 (July 1956)


From Dawson to Nome on a Bicycle. Edited by Ruth Reat, 65-74

British Capital in Northwest Mines. W. Turrentine Jackson, 75-85

George Law Curry, Public Printer, by George N. Belknap, 86-88


Holbrook, The Columbia, by Keith A. Murray, 89-90

Barnett, The Coast Salish of British Columbia, by William W. Elmendorf, 90

Frank, Our National Forests, by Lawrence Rakestraw, 90-91

Potts, Seattle Heritage, by Dennis F. Strong, 91-92

Graebner, Empire on the Pacific, by Robert W. Johannsen, 92-93

Cleland and Brooks (editors), A Mormon Chronicle, by Russell Blankenship, 93

Lucas (compiler), Dutch Immigrant Memoirs and Related Writings, by Herman J. Deutsch, 93-94

Nelson (editor), Dairy of Elisabeth Koren, by Carlton C. Qualey, 94-95

Reader's Scrapbook, compiled by Ronald Todd, 95-96

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