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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 47 Number 2 (April 1956)


Fort Casey—Garrison for Puget Sound. John A. Hussey, 33-43

Indian and White in the Inland Empire: The Contest for the Land, 1880-1912. Herman J. Deutsch, 44-51

Nootka and the California Gray Whale. Earl H. Swanson, 52-56

Francois Payette, Master of Fort Boise. Francis D. Haines, Jr., 57-61


McFarling (editor), Exploring the Northern Plains, by W. N. Davis, Jr., 43

Johannsen, Frontier Politics and the Sectional Conflict, by Earl Pomeroy,61-62

Stanley (editor), In Search of the Magnetic North, by Hilda Neatby, 63-64

Lucas, Netherlanders in America, by Herman J. Deutsch, 63

Reader's Scrapbook, compiled by Ronald Todd, 64

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