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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 46 Number 4 (October 1955)


Economic History of a Mormon Valley. Leonard J. Arrington, 97-107

Urban Influences on Forest Conservation. Lawrence Rakestraw, 108-12

For the History of Logging. Elwood R. Maunder, 113-14

Exploring the Copper River Country. James W. VanStone, 115-23


Schenck, The Biltmore Story, by Donald H. Clark, 107

Speck, Northwest Explorations, by John Arthur Brown, 124

Dufresne, Alaska's Animals and Fishes, by Victor B. Scheffer, 124-25

Rahill, Catholic Indian Missions and Grant's Peace Policy, 1870-1894, by Francis Haines, 125

Audain, From Coalmine to Castle, by Walter N. Sage, 125-26

McKenny, Wildlife of the Pacific Northwest, by Earl J. Larrison, 126-27

Reader's Scrapbook, compiled by Ronald Todd, 127-28

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