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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 46 Number 2 (April 1955)


Canoes from Cedar Logs: A Study of Early Types and Designs. George Durham, 33-39

Public Utilities in a Frontier City: The Early History of the Tacoma Light and Water Company. William I. Davisson, 40-44

Stronghold in the Yakima Country: Fort Simcoe and the Indian War, 1856-59. Albert Culverwell, 46-51

The Indian Treaty of Point No Point. Edited by Charles M. Gates, 52-58


Morgan, The Dam, by Herman J. Deutsch, 59

Lewis, George Davidson, James A. Gibbs, Jr., 59-60

Beebe, Comstock Commotion, by James W. Hulse, 60-61

Larson, Wyoming's War Years, by William S. Greever, 61

Coons, The Trail to Oregon, by Blanche Billings Mahlberg, 61-62

Adventures of Washington Irving, Klickitat Edition, by Joseph W. Ellison, 62

Burns, QRD? Snohomish, by Capt. N. A. McDougall, 62

Reader's Scrapbook, compiled by Ronald Todd, 63-64

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