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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 45 Number 4 (October 1954)


Travels of a Lady Correspondent. Hazel E. Mills, 105-15

Violence at Centralia, 1919. Robert J. Tyler, 116-24

Early Wagon Roads in the Inland Empire. Otis W. Freeman, 125-30


Cohn, Industry in the Pacific Northwest and the Location Theory, by Douglass North, 130

Freeman and Martin, The Pacific Northwest, by R. S. Funderburk, 130-32

Sundborg, Hail Columbia, by Bruce C. Harding, 132

DeVoto, Journals of Lewis and Clark, by Edgar I. Stewart, 132-33

Heizer and Mills, Four Ages of Tsurai, by Robert B. Whitebrook, 133-134

Jordan, The People's Health, by Lloyd M. Farner, M.D., 134

Reader's Scrapbook, compiled by Ronald Todd, 135-36

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