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Pacific Northwest Quarterly Volume 45 Number 3 (July 1954)


Indomitable John: The Story of John Hart Scranton and His Puget Sound Steamers. Capt. N. A. McDougall, 73-84

State Parks Are Rich History. Albert Culverwell, 85-90

Museum in a Gracious Setting: The Activities of the Eastern Washington State Historical Society. Margaret Bean, 91-94

Founding the Public Library in Yakima. William S. Wallace, 95-101


Binns, Sea in the Forest, by Nelson A. Ault, 102

Pressly, Americans Interpret the Civil War, by Brainerd Dyer, 102-103

Manning, Russian Influence on Early America, by Robert L. Whitner, 103

Reader's Scrapbook, compiled by Ronald Todd, 104

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